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~Denise Zentooakol 10.Mar.07 04:57 AM a Web browser
Domino Administrator 7.0.2 All Platforms

I'd like to learn how other people handle situation where user A needs to send email from user B mailfile but from his/her user A notes client ? example of this would be CEO assistant sending email "as CEO" . I know I can allow access to CEO mailfile via ACL but in this case email does not appear to be sent by CEO but appears as "from CEO, sent by assistant"
one of the option is to copy CEO ID and ask assistant to switch IDs, couple of issues her one is against our security policy, two if CEO person document is set to check password ID it will not work unless both IDs have same password this is nearly impossible to accomplish

any other ideas?

access to another user mailfile (~Denise Zentooa... 10.Mar.07)
. . RE: access to another user mailfile... (~Sarah Umgerote... 10.Mar.07)

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